You can add coupon support to your registration by activating “Coupon” custom user fields.
Magic Members –> Content Control–> Custom User Fields –> Coupon (activate)

After that you create your coupons at:
Magic Members –> Members –> Coupons

There are 3 different ways to use coupons.

1. 20 or 20% . This applies to all the subscription packs. It drops the price for 20 or 20%.

2. sub_pack#25_1_Y_gold

This means, 25.00 USD per year – Ongoing for Gold membership level.

3. sub_pack_trial#1_Y_25_1

This means $25.00 USD for the first year, Then $200.00 USD (or whatever you set for that pack) for each year. This applies to all packs. What this coupon does is adds a hidden trial duration and price to the regular subscription pack. It won’t work if you already has Trial setting for your subscription pack.

Y for year
M for month
D for day

Please note that this special coupon codes don’t accept %. You have to write the discounted price